What is an Essay

An essay has five main parts namely; purpose and thesis, title, introduction, body of information and last but not least conclusion.


Before starting to write you need to have an idea to write about also called purpose. In case you are not assigned an idea it’s very easy to come up with your own. Your best essay will be about things that light your fire. Choose the side of the topic you are for rather than against such gardening, photography, volunteering or advocacy based on what you like talking to your friends about. Put the idea into a single sentence also called thesis statement, main idea. Choose a title that express your main idea. Strongest ideas include a verb, a good example is the newspapers headlines. Make your title provocative to make people want to read it. A title helps you stay focused, but always review it when finished to ensure it’s the most effective.


For introduction write one short paragraph. A sentence or two that states your thesis also called main idea and introduce your reader to the topic. Take another look at that spot on your arm .Is the shape irregular? Is it multi-colored?  You could have melanoma. Know the signs.

Body: Develop your Story

Next, develop your story or argument. You have finished research and have pages of notes .Go through the notes with a highlighter and mark the most important ideas, the key points to get the body information. Choose top three ideas and write each one on top of a clean page. Now go through again and pull out supporting ideas for each key point, not many at least two or three for each one .Write a paragraph about each of these key points using information you have pulled from your notes.

Conclussion: Conclude your argument

Now you are almost done. The last paragraph is your conclusion. It can be short and must tie back to your introduction. You must summarize how your key points support your thesis.

In order to come up with the most captivating essay for your readers you need to brainstorm your idea such that it catches your readers’ attention. Investigate from your colleagues and friends for more details on the same.  Think about your topic .Thinking may seem obvious but think about how you are going to persuade your audience.

Find examples from other established writers but avoid straying too far into imitation. Organize your points well and your supporting ideas should be clear, concise and to the point. Stick to your script and avoid things not related to the idea.

Finally, review and revise you essay to ensure it’s up to standards.

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