Non Plagiarized Essays

Non Plagiarized Essays

More often than not we end up imitating others and unable to deliver non plagiarized essays. To imitate someone is to accord a person genuine compliment and often an unintended compliment. non plagiarized essay writing is the only way to go for you to receive better and quality grades in your writing. Everytime you copy anyone else work you are not only imitating but also plagiarizing. By now you must be feeling safe thinking that your teacher would not detect plagiarism in your essay if you copied from internet sources. Definitely instructors are aware of the millions of information in the internet.

How instructors access plagiarism/ Similarity index

Using some websites to assess the papers

There some very effective methods to prove if an essay is original. One common mode used by teachers to check for plagiarism is using website. The most common being which turns out to be the most trustworthy. Once a teacher becomes a member of this portal they get unlimited access to their services. The previlage enables them to check their students’ papers for plagiarism. They can tell when a student submits an original copy or a plagiarized essay paper.

Plagiarism detection softwares

In order to detect plagiarism, some instructors opt to have personal plagiarism detection software which they have no limited access to. Owning such a software makes it easy for teachers to check the papers more effectively. A common used software is turnitin. In most cases, when students are submitting their papers online they are checked for similarity index.  With the use of these softwares, it is easy to examine if the paper  non plagiarized.

Manually checking the paper for coherence.

Teachers often can tell a student’s quality of work based on previous paper writings. Looking keenly at the references or bibliography and citations of the paper and at the same time putting in mind the student quality of writing, teachers will be able to collate school non plagiarized essays to plagiarized essays.

With the many years of experience as instructors, and lots of plagiarized and non-plagiarized essays they have been checking on daily basis, it is clear that teachers easily recognized papers which stated information and did not provide original source. If a student all of a sudden submits quality papers, the teacher will notice the sudden change and check for citations presence or absence.

We all would get tempted to copy other peoples work since it would ease our work load. These only assures one of timely submission of research papers. Well, what do you stand to lose if your paper is detected as plagiarized? Plagiarism is a criminal action punishable by law. It is advisable for a student to submit only non-plagiarized essays and keep trouble at bay.

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