Impacts of Plagiarized Papers on perfomance

Impacts of Plagiarism

Low or poor grades.

If your sntructor after thorough check realizes you handed in a plagiarized papers, you are in trouble. The instructor may be kind and ask to re-write give you a fail. In some institutions, you may be discontinued. This will not be easy on your part since it is likely to cost you more than the $$ you pay for a good paper. It is both a waste of time and a failing mark will affects your overall course performance.

Fines or incarceration

At some instances students who have been caught with plagiarized papers are slapped with a penalty to pay huge amounts of money for the damages and can even be detained for a period of time.

Your reputations gets tainted permanently. When you plagiarize you are not just lying but also trying to own somebody else work.

Developing and submitting non plagiarized papers is a must for all students. This saves time, effort and money and also leads to students living a worry free life. As a student your reputation will not be at stake here. There is no other option but to make only high quality non plagiarized papers

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